The Blob (1988)

This was a favorite horror movie of mine in the late 80’s. I remember repeatedly watching the original 1958 version as a child, but I have never seen "Beware! The Blob" which oddly enough was directed by Larry Hagman who played Major Anthony Nelson on I Dream of Jeanie and J.R. Ewing on Dallas.

Some trivia from IMDb:

All of the exteriors for the movie were shot in a small south Louisiana town called Abbeville. Abbeville is laid out almost exactly the samse as Arbeville, Colorado, where the movie takes place. Abbeville was used because filming took place in late 1987 and Arbeville was covered in snow. It’s just a weird coincedence that the names are so similar.

Of the film’s US$19 million budget, US$9 million went toward visual effects.

Theatrical trailer shows part of deleted scene in which Fran is chased by the blob through the restaurant. In this deleted scene she is running towards the doors while the blob is knocking down tables and chairs. When she gets to the doors she realizes that they are locked and that she doesn’t have a key so she jumps out the window.

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